Here are the members of the Town of Ithaca Democratic Committee, sorted by Town election district. To contact a member of the committee, use our committee contact form at the bottom of this page. To find out what district you are in, seeĀ this map.

District 1

Yvonne Fogarty
Jeffrey Silber*
Pamela Bleiwas
Tee-Ann Hunter

District 2

Liz Bageant
Carmen Blankenship

District 3

Amanda Champion

District 4

Scott Brim
Susan Multer
Nancy Schuler
Chris Sinton

District 5

Linda Hoffmann*

District 6

Shawna Black
Peter Stein

District 7

Dan Konowalow
Marcy Rosenkrantz
Irene Stein

District 8

Leslie Danks-Burke
David Filiberto
Kevin Maley
Lesli Sagan

District 9

Pat Leary*
Scott Noren

District 10

William Goodman
Tom Hohn
John Lemley

District 11

Rajindra Aneja
Rich DePaolo
Eric Levine
Bob Nicholas*

District 12

Liz Hartman
Jordan Lesser

(*) ToIDC Officers: Linda Hoffmann/Chair, Bob Nicholas/Vice Chair, Pat Leary/Secretary, Jeffrey Silber/Treasurer

Committee Contact Form