Here are the members of the Town of Ithaca Democratic Committee, sorted by Town election district. To contact a member of the committee, use our committee contact form at the bottom of this page. To find out what district you are in, see this map.

District 1

Yvonne Fogarty
Jeffrey Silber*
Pamela Bleiwas
Tee-Ann Hunter

District 2

Will Burbank
Rodrigo Rodriguez
Claudia Brenner

District 3

Clayt Freed
Linda Hoffman
Beverly Livesay
Amanda Champion

District 4

Emily Art
Scott Brim
Nancy Schuler

District 5

Ari Lavine
Joel Blizzard
Rod Howe

District 6

Peter Stein
Irene Stein
Shawna Black
Susan Multer

District 7

Percy Browning
Rich Tosh

District 8

Leslie Danks-Burke
David Filiberto
Kevin Maley
Michael Perehinec*

District 9

Pat Leary*
Scott Noren
Michael Pinnisi
Lesli Sagan

District 10

Tom Hohn
John Lemley
William Goodman
Brion Scime

District 11

Rich DePaolo
Eric Levine
Rajindra Aneja
Bob Nicholas

District 12

Carmen Blankenship
Liz Hartman

(*) ToIDC Officers: Linda Hoffmann/Chair, Michael Perehinec/Vice Chair, Pat Leary/Secretary, Jeffrey Silber/Treasurer

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